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The work on SwiftBraille project has been started in 1-17-2016, and the open beta version of the app launched in 2-15-2016 on Google Play store, to be tested via blind, visually impaired, and technician users.

This project is developed by Mohammad M. AlBanna, if you would like to know more about him, please visit “About Developer” page.

This project is a part of MBanna.info projects.

What is this project?

connect the dots

SwiftBraille is an Android soft keyboard for blind and visually impaired, available for free on Google play store. The aim of this keyboard is to let the blind type using Braille language on their Android touch devices, but not by tap over Braille dots, they can connect the needed Braille dots together to type a letter, character, special symbols as they represented in Braille codes.

Problems to solve

Why would I spend about %40 of my time for this free project? What about other available projects? There’re a lot of soft keyboards available on Android and iOS devices as well, they’re working in a same way, as Perkins machine works; a hard keyboard which the blind uses to type on papers using his six or eight fingers.

Those apps are good in some points, but what about small screen dimensions? specially those devices which have about less than 5 inches, how the blind would put his eight or even six fingers in this such of small screens? And if he was standing up, he should set down to type in comfortable way on his smart device as a keyboard!

SwiftBraille project comes to solve this kind of problems:

A soft keyboard, supports many languages (read about supported languages) in user interface and inputs method, the blind will be able to type using one hand and one finger at least to type using Braille language, how? By connecting the needed Braille dots together. He can use his smart device in portrait or landscape.


Periodically, new updates will be available from time to time to this soft keyboard, you can keep updated by visiting “What’s new” page, or visit “How to Use” page for more deep information about using the keyboard, or subscribe your email address to get the latest new on your email (in the right box of the website).

– SwiftBraille soft keyboard is for free, available on Google play store.

– The soft keyboard supports many languages supported by blind themselves! See supported languages here.

– The user can select among three layouts of Braille dots, and can use his two fingers like normal ways, if he likes to!

– The user can activate voice input, as the user can type using his voice.

– High customized: The user can set a height or width for the keyboard, change the radius of the Braille dots, change the color of the Braille dots, other settings for blind or visually impaired users based on their needs.

– Speech each written letter, character or symbols that the user enters, and the user is able to delete the character, word, or even the whole text via gestures or the operations bars buttons.

– The user can use this keyboard in portrait of landscape mode, as the six Braille dots are located on the left and right of the screen, like the Braille cell.

– Compatible with screen readers, like TalkBack as an example.

– Works on Android Jelly Bean version 4.1 and higher.

The aim of the project

connect the dots

The main purpose of this project is merging blind and visually impaired people to use smart devices using Braille language without using any other expensive hardware or hard keyboards! As the Braille language requires the blind to use his six or eight fingers together, it means he needs the two hands! But using SwiftBraille, the blind will be able to write in one hand and one finger at least, by connecting the Braille dots together to type anything he wants using Braille.

Be a beta tester

As this kind of apps needs a lots of tests on many devices and Android systems, any new updates or features are being tested very well by many users.

You! you can also be a member of many testers around the world to test the app before releasing any new version. You can join the tester group on Facebook, or contact the developer directly via contact page…more details described in this post.

Support the project

For now, none of official organizations or business incubators support SwiftBraille project. This project is funded by the developer and his self work. You can also helping to develop the project by any of these provided ways, and be a part of this project 🙂

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