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Advanced settings screen

advanced settings screen

This screen contains on not related and most common settings:

– Activate gestures: You can activate or inactivate the gestures, this option is good one if you’re using operations bars and you hate gestures.

– Show operations bars: Providing three bars with a set of buttons to make some of operations, rather than using gestures, described in this post.

– Vibration indicator on tap over Braille dots.

– Capitalize first word in the sentence (English, French, and Spanish).

– Start Braille dots from the right of the screen (if you’ve selected Braille cell layout, for more details click here).

– Let dots 2 and 5 higher (if you’ve selected Perkins layout), you can let those two dots higher for comfortable typing, more details, please read this post.

– You can hide the keyboard when you type a new line, if the input just accepts one line.

– Prevent screen rotation while you’re using the keyboard.

– Consider Braille dots when you move or stop over them, which is discussed here with more details.

– Consider the final selected Braille dots when the fingers left the screen, or after specific time (default is half a second).


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