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Tweets for the campaign of support Arabic in Google TTS

We aim by this campaign to support Arabic voices/language on Google built-in text to speech engine app! Please help us to tweet and posting with the hashtag of the campaign #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS. Here are a set of ready copy/paste tweets for you to share them on your social media accounts. The final report of the questionnaire is published here.

A campaign to support Arabic language in Google TTS on Android OS

Text to speech engines are apps help blind to work with their smartphones, some of them are built-in with OSs. #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
Google text to speech engine is supporting many languages/voices, Arabic has not supported yet! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
A lot of blind prefered Apple devices over Android, because of the lack in supporting Arabic and accessibility. #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
Other alternatives of TTSs are very expensive for blind and developers, also they don't have that good support! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
As a company developed OS, and provides accessibility services, the blind has the right to support his language. #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
More than 8 millions of Arab blind, and #Google doesn't support Arabic language/voices on their TTS! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
What is the campaign of #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS? Details and help: http://en.swiftbraille.com/blog/support-arabic-in-google-tts/
The blind can't use #Android for the first time as the built-in TTS doesn't support Arabic vocices so far! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
A lot of other apps need to use text to speech engines with many embedded voices, but Arabic not among them! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
The screen readers help the #blind to read what on the screen using #TTS engine, but Arabic is not supported yet! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS
Android as an operating system is not used in just smartphones, it's also used in cars, TVs, receivers and more! #SupportArabicInGoogleTTS

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