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How to download the app and activate it as the default keyboard

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You can download SwiftBraille app from Google play store, as this app is provided for Android devices and looking into provide it on other platforms…soon!

Download the app

1. To download the app from Google play, you can search for “SwiftBraille” keyword in Google play store, or go directly download it from here.

2. You can download direct APK version: Click here.

MD5: 61D8E8CEE8C115E052918E59E7B13935

3. Or, you can scan this QR code:

Please make sure to download the app from Google play store or the official website of the project!

Activate the keyboard

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After you downloaded the app from Google play store, you’ll be able to see/find the shortcut icon available in your apps screen, click on the app icon, there’re instructions and indicators if SwiftBraille is activated or not.

First of all, you need to activate the SwiftBraille keyboard, please click on “Activate” button, and make sure you checked or activate SwiftBraille keyboard.

Make swiftBraille default keyboard

After you activated the keyboard, you’ll be able to make SwiftBraille the default keyboard! Please click on “Set Default” button and select SwiftBraille keyboard from the popup window.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if you downloaded the app from outside the store or not mentioned websites on SwiftBraille blog.


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