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Before releasing any new version of SwiftBraille app on Google play store, there is a team behind the scene testing the app, trying to test any new features, making sure everything is OK, then the new version will be available for all users to download the updates.

Currently, there are two groups on Facebook social media to be in touch with many users around the world, listening to their needs, suggestions, bugs reports and more!

If you can speak Arabic, you can send a request to join our group from here, and if you can speak English, please send the join request from here.

If you couldn’t send the request, you can send me contact me directly from contact page.

How to subscribe to testing program

To receive the latest updates that will have been added just for tests before releasing the official version, you’ve to be subscribed to the testing program of SwiftBraille on Google play store.

You can subscribe in testing program by visiting this page, then login using your Google account credential that connected to your Google play store, so you will be the first one who receive the last updates.

This image describes when you visit the link and logged in, you just need to confirm your subscription by click on BECOME A TESTER button:

SwiftBraille developers team

Notes: The updates in testing program are just for tests purposes to make sure from everything is OK and no problems before release the new version to all users, that means the versions might have some of bugs, errors and not stable versions.

You can easily unsubscribe from testing program, by visiting the same link, and click on Leave the program link.

Leave the program

Under testing features

We’ve provided a page that gives the user a view about what’s coming soon, and features that is being tested right now. You can visit this page from this link, you can also view that page from SwiftBraille app, by opening the options menu, and click on “Under testing” item. More details about options menu, described here.

Changes logs

You can be in touch with the new and last updates, by visiting the changes logs page.


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