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Keyboard dimensions

Keyboard dimension

Starting from the official version of SwiftBraille (1.0), we’ve provided the ability of changing the keyboard height, and from new version to another, we enhancing the user experience in this part, to add the ability of changing the width height of the keyboard in portrait or landscape (50%, 70%, and 100%).

Keyboard height 50%

In version 2.0, we provided the ability to change the width of the keyboard as well! For those who love typing using one hand and of course connect the Braille dots using one finger, they can change the height and the width together, along with changing the position of the keyboard to be from the right or left of the screen!

tablet keyboard dimension

Some of these features are available for tablets (7 inches and higher), like the ability of changing the width of the screen, and the height of the keyboard is available on small screen devices.

Showing the keyboard in the right of the screen


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