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Licence and Content Publishing

– SwiftBraille soft keyboard is the first app that supports Arabic in full representation in Braille language and available for free on Google play store. You can’t sell the app or claim it to yourself!

– SwiftBraille is available for free on Google play store, so it’s subject to the store terms.

– You can help building the project in many ways, like joining the group of SwiftBraille developers on Facebook to test the app and giving your feedback, or you can visit the support page to help in other ways.

– As the project is about soft keyboard, SwiftBraille will not collect what the user types even for statistical goals.

– The app might collect some of technical information in background related to bugs (programming issues), or system failures, to improve the keyboard for better user experience.

– As the project is for free and anyone can get it, this is a disclaimer message if you misused the keyboard on your phone or downloaded it from outside the official stores, or even any other places that not related or documented on SwiftBraille.com website.

– Don’t take any of posts from SwiftBraille’s blog (like how Braille codes are represented in the app) as an official source for your researches or your apps, some of Braille codes are represented in other ways as it known internationally.

– Some of logos and icons that used in SwiftBraille project not owned by the developer or the project itself, like Google play store logo, Facebook and other social media logos.

– The content inside SwiftBraille’s blog is under Creative Common licence, you can share, copy as you want, but you’ve to mention the source of the post/page link, and you can’t sell or deal with the content in commercial ways! Details are found here.

– If you’ve any questions, or you want to help paraphrase the content of this page, I would be happy to contact me.

Last update: 9-05-2016

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