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A deep message from Arab blind to Google

As we announced before, we released a campaign under hashtag called “#SupportArabicInGoogleTTS” to send a message from blind community to Google company and the developers of Google Text to Speech app on Android operating system, to support Arabic voices/language and this built-in TTS to improve the accessibility services for blind and visually impaired of Arabs!

Before weeks ago, the Arab blind community released another deep message to Google hoping them to support Arabic voices in their TTS, in both Arabic and English language, the message:

As the campaign started with writing a comment in Google TTS app on Google play store, released a questionnaire filled by blind and other interested users around the world to write their message and opinion, and now published this deep message video!

Please help us sharing this video on your social media accounts, and deliver this message from blind community, under hashtag “#SupportArabicInGoogleTTS


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