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Operations Bars feature

Starting from version (1.1) of SwiftBraille, and because of the conflict between using gestures and other screen readers, operations bars feature has been added to give users the ability of making some of operations without using gestures! You can activate this feature from settings screen, and scroll down to Advanced Settings:

advanced settings screen

After you checked the “Show operations bars” checkbox, two bars (and third one if you have tablet and you set a width for the keyboard) with a set of buttons will be added to the keyboard, one in the top of the Braille dots, and the second one will be underneath of Braille dots, and the third one will be in the left or the right of the keyboard, when you set the width of the keyboard, if you have a tablet device.

Top bar contains these buttons (from left to right)

– Copy.

– Paste.

– Remove the last word.

– Remove the full text.

– Change the keyboard type to the previous.

– Change the keyboard type to the next.

– Change the keyboard language.

Bottom bar contains these buttons (from left to right)

– Hide the keyboard.

– New line.

– Voice input.

– Space.

– Backspace.

Left or right bar contains these buttons (from up to bottom)

This bar will be visible to users if they set a width of the keyboard.

braille cell keyboard right

– Make the keyboard in full width (this option will change the width of the keyboard to 100%).

– Let the keyboard to be in the right or left the screen.


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