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Privacy Policy of SwiftBraille’s Blog

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– The blog of SwiftBraille uses access logs as other websites do, which contain: your IP address, browser details, ISP, date of your visit, and the links you’ve visited inside the blog, all of these details can be used to improve the user experience of browsing the blog. No personal details are collected while you’re browsing the blog.

– You can be updated if any posts have been published in the blog, by subscribing your email address to our email list. Your email will not be shared with any third parties, or used to spam you, as you can unsubscribe in any time you want.

– As the project is for free, the blog uses Google Adsense for advertisements, Google terms will be applied to our visitors, which is documented here.

– The blog uses cookies, which is a small sweet files stored in your browser, which have some of small information about you (no personal information), you can disable them based on your browser settings, helpful link.

– Some of posts inside the blog contain external links to other websites/blogs, these websites might collect some other information about you. SwiftBraille’s blog can’t control about what information that others collect from you.

– We deal with your provided information in contact page confidentially.

– When you leave a comment on any post, some of your information will be collected directly or from social media plugins (like Facebook comments box). Also, we’re using Gravatar service to get your profile picture, all these information plus the date and the time of your comment will be publicly visible to all the blog visitors (doesn’t include your email address).

Last update: 9-05-2016

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