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Special Thanks

Because they deserve a big THANKS, this page is for them:

All websites who talk about SwiftBraille project, you can read more about them from here.

Testers; who are testing the app and giving a great suggestions to improve the app. There are two groups on Facebook, Arabs developers group, and other developers from other countries who can speak English, you can join here.

Voice over actors; who recorded voices which are pre-stored voices inside SwiftBraille app in case the user doesn’t have any text to speech engines. (Fuad Al-Ameer, and Mohammad AlBashawy).

Eng. Ashraf AlAstal: The national expert of world summit award – Palestine (WSA).

Translators; who bring Spanish language (Jos Vásquez – watch him in action while he’s bringing Spanish to the project in this video), and who bring French language (Abdelghani Zehroune, and Alain Barrillier) to SwiftBraille project! And I’m proud to tell that some of them are blind and contributed in such a great task! yes, you read/heard well, some of them are blind!

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