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How to speed up typing using SwiftBraille

Since the released testing version of SwiftBraille project to the store, I was reading all feedback and discussions between blind about the project and the new concept that has been provided by this project on the internet to type using just one hand and one finger in Braille language. A lot of efforts and time have been applied to provide solutions to increase the interaction between the users and Swift Braille keyboard.

The main point was discussed between users that the speed of typing using the keyboard compared with other keyboards founded and specialist on the same field to type using Braille on Android smart devices, but there was consensus about that the project is still a brand new in Braille mobile entry and needs a lot of functions to be added, and of course has updates from time to time since the release date of the project. So, let’s take a closer look of how to speed up type using SwiftBraille keyboard.

Connect the dots or stop over

The main concept that provided in SwiftBraille is connect the dots, which lets the users type in Braille using one hand and one finger, moreover the compatibility with the screen readers without needing to suspend it while using SwiftBraille. The user might have got wrong dots while he connecting the dots for the first time of using the keyboard, that’s why we’ve provided the ability to recognize the dots not by connecting them, but by stop over them. This feature is described in this post very well with an example. If you might ask yourself, how the dots are distributed on the screen? Well, Braille cell is the default layout, but the user can choose among three layouts.

Difficulties to move among keyboards

The second important point and was discussed many times is this! As the SwiftBraille supports typing letters, numbers, and symbols, you can move among these keyboards either using gestures or operations bars. Personally, I found this needs to be more flexible and faster, that’s why Braille indicators features has been applied! If you’re typing letters and you would like to type numbers, you can just type/connect numbers Braille indicator (3، 4، 5، 6) and you’ll be moved directly to numbers keyboard, after you finished that, you’ll be directly moved to the previous keyboard automatically. More details about this feature, here! Besides to the previous point, if the input field accepts just numbers, the keyboard will show to you the numbers keyboard directly.

Braille dots positions

As you can connect the dots, you need to know exactly where the dots are! Braille cell is the default layout of the dots, but we’ve provided other two layouts for the dots that the user can choose among, and can use one or two hands based on his needs! All three layouts have been discussed in this post.

Beside of the previous three points, here is another list of features that might speed up typing (full list is here):

Keyboard dimensions.

Voice input.

Operations bars.

Minimize the steps or procedures to use the keyboard, and reaching faster to the functions, still my main priority and will be handled in the next versions, along with supporting more languages in user interface and typing in Braille language!

Don’t forget to support the project, you can know more in “Support the Project” page.


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