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A campaign to support Arabic language in Google TTS on Android OS

In Arab world, we have about 8 millions of blind people, in the whole world about 39 millions [based on WHO]. Blind/Visually impaired using text to speech engines to speech each letter, word, and message on their devices with many supported languages. In devices that work with Android OS, Google embedded their own TTS without supporting Arabic language/voices! We aim with this campaign to provide some of numbers/statistics about blind users who use Android and would like to support Arabic voices in Google TTS.

About the campaign

The campaign has started with writing comments on the page of the app (Google Text to Speech) and point that this app doesn’t support Arabic even though we’ve a lot of Arab users using Android smart phones from blind and visually impaired!

The second step is filling this Arabic simple form that aims to give a simple statistics about users who are using Android devices and the expensive alternatives that used by them to provide those numbers to Google! Of course the Arab blind community could help with supporting Arabic language/voices if possible to make this happened!

The problem

The problem doesn’t include just the Arab blind at all, even the developers of blind apps have problems developing apps and solutions for Arab blind including me! As you might read about TTS and stored voices feature that have been applied on Swift Braille soft keyboard project because of the lack support of Arabic language in Google TTS, we pre-stored the messages and letters as voices by voice actors!

The subscription

– The first step, please write a simple comment on Google Text to Speech app on Google play store and point that the Arabic language has not supported yet, specially they’re supporting a lot of other languages. The blind now using this shared and common comment (you can copy then paste it as a comment) from here.

– The second step is tweeting/posting with the hashtag of the campaign and point this is a right to provide a good accessibility services in such a great operating system for all blind around the world, including Arab blind. Here is a page includes ready copied/pasted tweets to share with your friends in your social media accounts. Please help us as developers or blind to support Arabic voices in Google TTS.

The hashtag that used in the social media is:



Do you have any questions about the campaign? Please contact us here.


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