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SwiftBraille project, or soft keyboard is for blind and visually impaired to let them type using Braille language by connecting Braille dots, it is a free project. In future, it might have other paid functions, and keeping the main functions for free.

You can help and support the project in many ways:

You can donate and buy a cup of coffee for the developer to stay a wake and keep working faster on that project (developers are just a tool to convert a cup of coffee to lines of code), via Paypal page:

انضم لمجموعة تطوير سويفت برايل على فيسبوك

You can be a tester for the app, you can test the new functionalities before releasing them to the store,  by joining us from whereever you are, on Facebook groups! We’ve two groups, if you’re speaking Arabic, please join here, if you’re speaking English, please join here.

مواقع التواصل الاجتماعية

At least, you can share the app in the social media, who knows! Maybe your friend has another friend who has another blind or visually impaired friend, and this app will help them typing in Braille with a new and different way!

The project is available on: Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

swiftbraille on product hunt

SwiftBraille project is in product hunt as well; a great community to discover new projects and ideas in different fields like apps, tech, hardware..etc, and guess what? It has been featured as a hot project in this great community. If you found this project deserves, please give your discuss it in the comments section and give you opinion about it and of course you have the ability to up-vote it!

كاتب صحفي

Are your a journalist? Or a technical writer or even a contributor? You can write about the project in small lines in any of websites or blogs. As a lot of websites have been talking about the project, that of course will help me to improve the project to be more functional for blind users.

صورة لكيفية تقييم التطبيق في متجر جوجل بلاي

That last thing you can do for me is a good rate and review from your side after giving the app a try on Google play store, that means a lot to me! The app is available on Google Play store, here.

The project now available as open source on GitHub! Details.

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