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Invitation to support Spanish language in SwiftBraille user interface

support spanish in swiftbraille

As we’ve received a lot of requests to support other languages beside Arabic and English, today we are opening the translation process to be from the audience themselves, to be a part of supporting Spanish language in the user interface of SwiftBraille app, and add Spanish Braille as input method as well!

In the meantime, we’ll use Google sheets service to do that, each sheet has just two columns, A and B; A column has all words and sentences in English, to be translated in Spanish language in column B. Based on some of suggestions, I’ve provided “Strings.xml” file inside the sheet.

How to subscribe

Request Access to translate process

To be a part of translation process, please send a request by visiting this link, and click on Request Permission button to have access to the sheet. I’ll be in touch with the translators via Emails if needed. You can also share the main resources that I can use for Braille language in Spanish.

All translators names will be written in “Special Thanks” page, and in the app page on Google play store, and of course special offers for paid features in the near future.


As always, all your suggestions are important to me! If you’ve some, please shoot them and contact me using contact page or via the Email of the project.


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