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Swift Braille project is open source now

Swift Braille: connect the dots

Since the development process of Swift Braille soft keyboard project for blind and visually impaired, there was a team behind the scene, a beta testers from blind and visually impaired who are testing the new versions before release it to be live on the store!

Swift Braille provides a new concept with a whole new way of typing using Braille way by connecting needed Braille dots together using one hand and one finger at least, unlike available apps on apps stores!

Today, we make the whole project as open source available on GitHub to help other developers to develop this project more, or make their apps compatible with either screen readers like TalkBack and ShinePlus or the accessibility services in general.

Why this step?

– I got some of questions from graduated students and developers of how to make their projects compatible with accessibility services on Android operating system, and the source code of Swift Braille could help to give a cleaner answer!

– Other developers who are developing apps for blind and visually impaired also opened the source code of their projects, which I see it’s very great way to support blind community and open source in general!

–  The most important thing…faster in developing Swift Braille project? Hope so!


How to use Swift Braille keyboard?

– Source code on GitHub.

TODO list.

– Don’t forget to support the project!


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