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Thanks to all those websites who talked about SwiftBraille project. As the project in its first steps, Arabs media and websites have been talking about this project because I’m in touch with them. You can keep updated by visiting “Project on The Media” in the Arabic blog. Any other websites or articles talked about the project in different languages, will be listed here.

Wamda ME: Gaza’s Swift Braille helps the blind use smartphones

InQbation: SwiftBraille: an Android App to type using Braille

SwiftBraille on ProductHunt.

TuttoAndroid-Italian: SwiftBraille – Soft Keyboard, una tastiera Braille per le persone non vedenti.

brlat.skr – Japanese: 「SwiftBraille」 点字方式でアルファベットや数字を入力できるアンドロイドアプリ、TalkBackやShinePlusにも対応 #点字.

SwiftBraille on Inclusive Android.

On DevPostSwift Braille Soft Keyboard.

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