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Hello World! A new soft keyboard for blind to let them type in Braille language in Arabic and English

SwiftBraille 440

The open beta version of SwiftBraille app released in 2-15-2016, which is a soft keyboard for blind and visually impaired to let them type using Braille language but in different and new way.

A high customized keyboard, supports Arabic and English in user interface and as input method, with a new different idea, the user is able to type using Braille language by connecting the Braille dots together via one or two fingers together! Also he’s able to tap over needed dots with one finger.

The user is able to type letters, numbers, math symbols and other special symbols.

The keyboard is very easy to use, you can visit “how to Use” page for deep details, as that page giving the full instructions of how to use the app in general and the keyboard in particular way.

The app has many features, and a lot is coming! The keyboard will speech every letter, character, word and even the full text after you close the keyboard. More details and a quick look inside the settings, here.

Promo video (No speaking voice):

You can download the app directly from Google Play store, here.

Or scan this QR code:

Do you’ve any question? Shoot it in contact page.


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