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Support Arabic in Google TTS

A deep message from Arab blind to Google

As we announced before, we released a campaign under hashtag called "#SupportArabicInGoogleTTS" to send a message from blind community to Google company and the developers of Google Text to Speech app on Android operating system, to support Arabic voices/language and this built-in TTS to improve the accessibility services for blind ... Read more | General News

SwiftBraille 440

Hello World! A new soft keyboard for blind to let them type in Braille language in Arabic and English

The open beta version of SwiftBraille app released in 2-15-2016, which is a soft keyboard for blind and visually impaired to let them type using Braille language but in different and new way. A high customized keyboard, supports Arabic and English in user interface and as input method, with a new different ... Read more | Swift Braille News

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