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How to speed up typing using SwiftBraille

Since the released testing version of SwiftBraille project to the store, I was reading all feedback and discussions between blind about the project and the new concept that has been provided by this project on the internet to type using just one hand and one finger in Braille language. A lot of efforts ... Read more | About Swift Braille

Operations Bars feature

Operations Bars

Starting from version (1.1) of SwiftBraille, and because of the conflict between using gestures and other screen readers, operations bars feature has been added to give users the ability of making some of operations without using gestures! You can activate this feature from settings screen, and scroll down to Advanced Settings: After ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

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Exceptions you can type without changing the keyboards types

Starting from version (1.1), the user is able to type punctuation marks from letters keyboards, without moving to the special symbols keyboard (keyboard number five in English, Spanish, French, and keyboard number four in Arabic)! You can type from letters keyboard - At. - Comma. - Full stop. - Question mark. - Exclamation mark. - At mark. - Apostrophe. - Cerrar ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

advanced settings screen

Advanced settings screen

This screen contains on not related and most common settings: - Activate gestures: You can activate or inactivate the gestures, this option is good one if you're using operations bars and you hate gestures. - Show operations bars: Providing three bars with a set of buttons to make some of operations, rather than using gestures, ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

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Numbers keyboard

SwiftBraille keyboard supports typing numbers, if you tried to type numbers in Arabic keyboard, the numbers will be written in Hindi representation. Keyboard number three is the numbers keyboard in English language keyboard, and keyboard number two is the numbers keyboard in Arabic language. That's because the total numbers of keyboards ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

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