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The final report of the questionnaire

At the end of the previous year of 2016, we've launched a campaign to support Arabic language/voices inside Google text to speech engine. The campaign took a place in Arab world successfully, we've launched a questionnaire with a set of questions to hear from users (blind or sighted people), and ... Read more | General News

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How to speed up typing using SwiftBraille

Since the released testing version of SwiftBraille project to the store, I was reading all feedback and discussions between blind about the project and the new concept that has been provided by this project on the internet to type using just one hand and one finger in Braille language. A lot of efforts ... Read more | About Swift Braille

SwiftBraille is a winner in AlSabah award for informatics 2016

SwiftBraille project won with AlSabah award for informatics 2016

Yesterday, The Annual Informatics Award located in Kuwait country announced that in a conference the winners with AlSabah awards for informatics in its round 16th, Swift Braille project represented Palestine in this award with other private company! The subscription In August of this year (2016), the Swift Braille project has been selected with other 6 mobile ... Read more | Swift Braille News

The popup menu in SwiftBraille

The popup menu

Note: Starting from version 2.0, and for technical issues, we've removed this feature from the app, and looking to provide more reliable popup window in the next versions. Starting from the official version of SwiftBraille 1.0 , the popup menu is supported and giving a lot of functions rather than depending ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

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Exceptions you can type without changing the keyboards types

Starting from version (1.1), the user is able to type punctuation marks from letters keyboards, without moving to the special symbols keyboard (keyboard number five in English, Spanish, French, and keyboard number four in Arabic)! You can type from letters keyboard - At. - Comma. - Full stop. - Question mark. - Exclamation mark. - At mark. - Apostrophe. - Cerrar ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

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How to make gestures

SwiftBraille supports some of gestures to make some of functions, besides the operations bars as well. Where can I do gestures? Starting from version 2.0 of SwiftBraille, we've removed the restricted area to make gestures (which was in the middle of the screen), and now you're able to do that on any of free ... Read more | Hows to use Swift Braille

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