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The popup menu

The popup menu in SwiftBraille

Note: Starting from version 2.0, and for technical issues, we’ve removed this feature from the app, and looking to provide more reliable popup window in the next versions.

Starting from the official version of SwiftBraille 1.0 , the popup menu is supported and giving a lot of functions rather than depending on the gestures!

How can I show the popup menu?

ضغطة مطولة

To show the popup menu, long tap in the middle of the screen.

The popup menu in SwiftBraille

You can do from the popup menu:

– Change the current language of the keyboard.

– Change the keyboard type (letters, numbers, math symbols, special symbols).

– Manage texts: You can do (copy, paste, backspace, remove the last word, remove the whole text).

– Go to app settings.

– Hide the keyboard.


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