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I’ve been asked to add voice input feature in SwiftBraille project since version 1.0, and here we go folks! Now, you can type using your voice or Braille language together if you would like to, starting from version 2.0 of SwiftBraille app.

To activate voice input, you need to do two things:

– Activate operations bars, from advanced settings screen, as the voice input icon will be added in the bottom of operations bars.

– You need to activate voice input feature from “Sounds section” in “Settings screen“, and make sure to check the “activate voice input” feature.

How it works

Typing Swift Braille soft keyboard using voice input feature

If everything goes well, you should be able to notice the icon of microphone besides space button in the bottom of operations bar. Once you click on the microphone button, a small popup screen shows up with a small tune sound which indicates to start talking! After you finished, you can select the most probabilities sentences/words you’ve just talked, click on the correct one, and that’s it, the input field will be filled of what you’ve just talked about.



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